Friday Night Lights Rolling Roadshow

Community Outdoor Screening

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Join ATX Television Festival, Hotel San Jose and Alamo Rolling Roadshow for the 2nd Annual FNL Outdoor Screening. 

Cast, crew, fans, and community members gather on a June summer night at Hotel San Jose to take in good music, good food, good beer, and tailgating activities. 

Bring your lawn chair and Panther or Lion Pride to watch a fan favorite episode of FNL!!  You have to vote though! Your options are all from Season 1. After showing the finale last year, we wanted to start from the beginning!  

We will be screening Season 1 Finale STATE!

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!

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      • LaMarcus Tinker
      • Scott Porter
      • Jason Street
      • Gaius Charles
      • Smash Williams
      • Matt Lauria
      • Luke Cafferty
      • Stephanie Hunt
      • Devin from Crucifictorious
      • Louanne Stephens
      • Grandma Saracen
      • David Hudgins
      • Executive Producer & Writer
      • Katherine Willis
      • Joanne Street (Jason's mama!)
      • LaMarcus Tinker
      • Dallas Tinker
      • Beth Sepko
      • Emmy award-winning casting director
      • Phoebe Hunt & Band
      • with special guest Stephanie Hunt
      • The Good Mad (band)
      • featuring Allie Gonino from The Lying Game
6:00PM Music Starts on Jo's Coffee backporch.
Tailgating activities with photo opps and community sponsors.

Watch the sun set while listening to music from artists including Phoebe Hunt and special guest Stephanie Hunt while drinking a cold brew.
6:10PM Music: Graham Wilkinson
6:50PM Music: The Good Mad
7:30PM Music: Phoebe Hunt & Band (with special guest Stephanie Hunt)
8:30PM 8:30-45(ish) as the sun sets, attending cast will intro the screening of a fan favorite FNL episode. Did you vote for your favorite? You can do so by RSVP-ing!
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